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What Do You Mean By Human Resources(HR)?

Human Resources (workers in general/hiring, training, and firing department) is the set of people who make up (all the workers in a company or country) of an organization, business part/area, industry, or (the process of people making, selling, and buying things). A narrower idea is workers, the knowledge and skills that the people command.

Almost the same terms include manpower, labour, personnel, associates or simply: people. The human-useful things/valuable supplies department (HR department) of an organization performs (hiring, firing, training, promoting, etc.), overseeing different parts of employment, such as obedience to labour law and employment standards, interviewing, management of employee benefits, organizing of employee files with the needed/demanded documents for future reference, and some parts of (putting something into use) (also known as talent purchase/getting/learning) and employee offboarding. They serve as the link between an organization’s management and its workers.

The role of Human Resources

Human Resouces Professionals(workers in general/hiring, training, and firing department) have an awkward position in corporations. Other departments worry about their goals and (success plans/ways of reaching goals), whereas the HR department must apply their targets and (success plan/way of reaching goals) to the overall business’s goals to produce results. (anyway/in any event) what other departments start/work at, HR’s visibility hit/effect, and value in companies such as Best Buy is extremely important to stay in existence.

Best Buy

Best Buy was blended-in in 1966 in Minnesota (“Best Buy,” 2016). The company is a leading provider of products, services, and solutions in technology (“Best Buy,” 2016). In addition to (related to computers and science) products (that are bought and sold) and services, Best Buy has agents known as the (smart person who is very interested in, and excited about, something/smart, possibly boring person) Squad to help customers with questions in…show more content…

The “results-only work conditions” program aids workers in areas such as (putting something into use), teaching assignments, coaching, performance reviews, education, and careers (Smith, & Cantrell, 2011, p. 6). Workers such as Jennifer Janssen in the finance department participate in “results-only work conditions (ROWE)” that allows her to complete daily work and meet deadlines without being tied to the office (Thottam, 2005, p….show more content…
Ressler was the person who developed ROWE to change the usual work schedule in the main place of business and some retail store locations because of what she has seen at work (Thottam, 2005). 

In the hope that HR can keep/hold the business/project’s workers, they add value to the business by reinventing the work-life balance program by redesigning work schedules to fit workers’ lives and not lives to meet a timetable.

(Hiring, training, and firing department) adding value at Best Buy Many businesses and assistants view HR just as a (related to managing and running a company or organization) function for firms to hire and help in selecting benefits. However, at Best Buy, HR adds value in breaking down and rebuilding work schedules to be flexible but still develop results at work through ROWE (Thottam, 2005). Today (all the workers in a company or country) are looking for employers that are open-minded about the demands of family time, personal time, and long working hours. 

Here at Best Buy, HR’s focus on workers adds/gives to the organization’s success to maintain (wanting to beat others in contests) because ROWE, which (helps increase/shows in a good way) (desire to do something/reason for doing something) and one (all the workers in a company or country) (Smith, & Cantrell, 2011).

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