Washington D.C. is renowned for being a center of political activity, drawing large numbers of people to the city to take part in the democratic process. But there is a chance for violence and crime when there is such a large crowd of people. Angie Craig, a congresswoman from Minnesota, was allegedly assaulted in Washington, D.C., according to mrrecent news reports.

Minnesota congresswoman Angie Craig assaulted in Washington her office says

Information about Congresswoman Angie Craig’s assault.

Representative Angie Craig was reportedly out for a stroll in the nation’s capital, according to her office. when a person approached her and physically attacked her. The extent of the congresswoman’s injuries are still unknown, but she managed to flee and seek medical help.

Angie Craig’s assault on the congresswoman is being looked into.

Authorities in Washington, D.C., are currently looking into the incident. Police are looking for any information that could help identify the attacker because they have not yet been apprehended.

Responses to the assault on Congresswoman Angie Craig.

Outrage among politicians and common people alike has been sparked by the news of Congresswoman Angie Craig’s assault. To protect elected officials and make sure that incidents like this don’t happen again, many are urging that more security measures be put in place.

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Congresswoman Angie Craig’s statement.

Following the incident, Congresswoman Angie Craig issued a statement in which she said she was doing fine and was appreciative of the support she had received. She continued by saying that despite this act of violence, she will keep fighting for Minnesota’s citizens.


The attack on Congresswoman Angie Craig serves as a reminder of the need for increased security measures to shield elected officials and make sure they can perform their duties without fear of harm. The incident is currently the subject of an investigation, and those in charge must be made to answer for their deeds.

We support and send our best wishes for Congresswoman Angie Craig’s quick recovery as we stand with her. No matter what our political beliefs or affiliations, we must all work together to create a safe and secure environment for everyone.

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