Rinda, a terrorist from the Khalistani movement, was recently designated as a threat to national security by the Indian government, and J. This choice was made in an effort to counter the nation’s growing threat from terrorism.

Who is Rinda, exactly?
The Khalistan Liberation Force (KLF), which seeks to establish an independent Sikh state in Punjab, includes Rinda as a prominent member. In India, he has been connected to a number of terrorist attacks, including the murder of Shaurya Chakra recipient Balwinder Singh Sandhu in 2020.

What are J.
J These organizations are thought to have connections to Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency, which supports them financially and logistically.

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source: google.com

Why was J.
J To protect the nation’s security and stop new terrorist attacks, the government has made this choice.

Effect of the ban:
The prohibition of J. This action will assist in reducing the activities of these groups and stop them from hurting innocent civilians.

A ban on J was made. Strong message is delivered to those who want to use terrorism to destabilize the nation. The ban will support the nation’s overall security by preventing further loss of life and property.

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