A fresh partnership to enhance bone health and ageing has been announced by the World Health Organization (WHO). To create plans for preventing and treating bone-related illnesses like osteoporosis, the collaboration will bring together experts from a variety of disciplines, including medicine, public health, and social sciences.

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With a focus on addressing the social determinants of health that can affect bone health and general wellbeing, the collaboration will also put an emphasis on promoting healthy aging more broadly. This will involve initiatives to increase access to healthy food, secure physical environments, and healthcare services, among other things.

The collaboration, according to WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, reflects a growing understanding of the value of healthy aging and the need for collaborative, interdisciplinary approaches to address the problems brought on by an aging population.

Governments, academic institutions, and businesses are just a few of the partners who will support the collaboration. The WHO Global Strategy and Action Plan on Aging and Health, which was adopted in 2016 to promote healthy aging and enhance the quality of life for older people around the world, will serve as the organization’s guide for its activities.

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